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A team of personal chefs

Our team of professional chefs are committed to helping busy professionals stay on top of their “game!” They work hard to prepare delicious, quality food for our clients out of a commercial kitchen. They believe in the Custom Meal Difference.  

Helping People Live Their Best Lives

Local First Milwaukee MemberOur experience and expertise extend beyond preparing custom meals. We’re also part of the local food ecosystem, sourcing our ingredients from local farmers and producers whenever possible. Learn more about organic and local food sourcing!

Additionally, our attention to detail takes planning, shopping, and preparation off of our customers’ to-do list.

We are committed to helping…

  • People with food allergies or special dietary needs get the nutrition they need and the variety they miss.
  • Active families come together over a healthy, balanced meal.
  • Serve people who want to live their best life, and need a foundation to go out and do it.


Personal Chef and owner of Focused Fork Karen GillAbout Chef Karen Gill, Founder

“Years ago, I loved entertaining friends and impressing my now husband with fresh, nutritional foods. While I considered myself a “Hobby Cook,” I knew deep down that I would, one day, become a Professional Chef. It was as if I had become obsessed with learning about food, where it came from, and how to best prepare it. This passion led me to complete numerous professional cooking courses and explore recipes both locally and around the globe, like Japan, Australia, and Nepal.

In 2014, I started “Down to Earth Chef.” While I enjoyed going into homes and preparing custom meals, I wanted to lead of team of professional chefs who cared about sourcing local foods and helping people live their best lives, just as much as I did. That dream finally came true in 2018 with the launch of  Focused Fork. We are effectively helping people save time, eat healthier, and feel better through custom meal delivery services.”

A team of personal chefs milwaukee

Let Our Team of Personal Chefs Make Life Easier

Are you looking to save time? Would like to enjoy the perks of a healthier diet? We’d love to set up a one-on-one meal delivery consultation with you! Fill out the form below and contact us today – our happy team of Personal Chefs would love to make life easier for you. Still undecided? Read some of our 5 star customer reviews!



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