Personalization Makes a Difference

Personalization Makes a Difference


At Focused Fork, our mission is to help our clients live their best lives. By providing healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense meals tailored to their individual dietary needs, we give them the fuel to go after their goals. Since our meals come fully-prepared we save clients the time and stress of figuring out their next meal. In this series, we take you beyond the fork to meet some of our amazing clients and the work they are doing in their communities.

Marty and Gail are the 3rd generation to help run their family’s furniture store, BILTRITE. (The 4th generation is extremely busy with the business success as well!) They are kind and down to earth business owners who value supporting local businesses. They are Local First members and choose to source their furniture from local craftsmen.

Marty and Gail pour their lives into their business, often working 50-60 hours a week. Luckily, the community they have built surrounding their work makes the long hours fly by. Stepping into their store on Layton Ave. in Greenfield, one notices the many framed photographs of family and friends. 

A Fork in the Road

But, last fall, Marty’s doctor told him if he didn’t start focusing on his health he was going to have a heart attack. Soon. His heart was suffering 60% blockage. His doctor’s warning gave him pause and Marty realized the fast food he was cramming into his busy schedule was taking a serious toll on his health.

Marty thought, “I love my grandchildren and I want to spend as much time with them as I can. And I love my work and that means I have to get my health in order.” He couldn’t keep eating the same way. He needed to find healthy options but didn’t have much time to cook healthy meals.

So goodbye low nutrient, fast food. Hello plant-based, fully-prepared fast meals from Focused Fork. Marty and Gail decided they would switch to a low-sodium and plant-based diet. These days Marty is still putting in long days at the family business, but he says he’s feeling great. Their switch to a plant-based diet has allowed them to lose weight. BONUS! They have noticed an increase in their energy levels and noted that even on top of their busy days at the store they still have energy to spend with their family. 

Marty and Gail are an example of the many benefits we seek to provide our clients. From feeling healitier in their bodies to having more free time to spend on the things they really love, Focused Fork is proud to help our clients, like Marty and Gail, live their best lives.