Low Carb Meal Delivery

Despite growing up with the traditional food pyramid, which featured carbohydrates as a base, with less fat above, many of our clients have opted for a low carb meal delivery service option to maintain and lose weight. And, it works! Call it Keto, Paleo, Whole 30 or Atkins, Focused Fork can create a meal plan just for you!

low carb Mole steak on zoodles
Mole steak with mushrooms served over “zoodles” (zucchini noodles)

Low Carb vs. Low Fat

If you’re looking for evidence of the effectiveness of a low carb diet versus a low fat diet, there’s plenty out there. WebMD has compiled an analysis of 23 studies from trusted sources like the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, and The Journal of The American Medical Association. A low carb diet has been proven to decrease triglycerides and increase HDL (good cholesterol). Blood pressure has been shown to decrease significantly. These are just a few of the positive benefits of a low carb diet.

During their transition to a low carb diet, people often experience weight loss in the beginning and lower blood sugar, which is due to a reduction in water weight. Many also benefit from a reduced appetite and increased metabolism and muscle mass based on the increase in protein in their diet. Although many low carb diets consist of meat, don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian. You can get the same results with protein from nuts, seeds, soy, and other plant-based high protein foods.

How We Create Your Low Carb Meal Plans

A low carb diet doesn’t have to be boring! Here at Focused Fork, we’ve been preparing delicious, balanced low carb meals for years. We utilize a wide variety of low carb ingredients, including vegetables that grow above ground (broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, etc.), dairy, nuts, natural healthy fats like olive oil, fish, lean meats, and eggs. We’ll avoid heavy starches and sugar.

The Focused Fork Maple Bacon Carrots with PecansLiving a nutrient dense low carb lifestyle can be tricky, especially if you’re in need of quick and easy food options. There are tons of low carb replacement foods on the market, but most of them are over processed, and full of starch, sweeteners, and strange additives. As with any healthy diet, the more whole, unprocessed food you eat the better, which means planning and preparation are key. This is where Focused Fork comes in. We’ll keep your fridge stocked with balanced, delicious, low carb meals that are ready for your busy schedule! We’ll even help you with low-carb snack options, so you always have a healthy choice. Hummus & fresh veggies, gluten free flax muffins, and nut dips are just some of the options to keep your energy in balance all day.

Are you ready to check out our low carb or Keto, Paleo, Whole 30 friendly meal delivery service?

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* It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before starting a specific diet.  It’s especially important if you have any chronic health condition.