Keto Meal Delivery

Recently, our clients have asked us to develop a nutritious Ketogenic (Keto) meal plan.

First, let us explain what the Keto Diet is:

 Keto Streak and VeggieEssentially, a ketogenic diet is low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and high fat. You’ll often hear people on this diet refer to their “macros,” which are macro nutrients. Exact proportions for macros are based on the individual (the KetoDiet App offers a simple macros calculator if you’re curious about what your breakdown would be). People use the keto diet to put themselves into a metabolic state known as ketosis. The theory is, your body is naturally programmed to perform better as a fat burner, versus a sugar burner.

Yes, most people lose weight on the keto diet plan. But our clients have seen more benefits that just that. It naturally helps control and maintains blood sugar levels, which is a huge benefit for people with Diabetes or who are pre-diabetic. People also share that they have better mental focus, an increase in energy, better skin, and more control over their appetite.

How Will I Feel On The Keto Diet?

The Focused Fork is happy to offer healthy keto friendly meal delivery options throughout the greater Milwaukee area. If you are using the keto diet, we’ll reduce or eliminate high carb ingredients like grains, sugar, fruit, potatoes and beans from your meal plan. But, don’t worry; you’ll still have plenty of delicious options. Fish, poultry, leafy greens, dairy, nuts and seeds, avocado, berries, and healthy fats are all allowed. People who’ve tried the ketogenic diet say that although they are strict with what foods they eat, they find themselves more satisfied, and have less cravings overall.

Keto Egg Tomato BakeYou’ll want to do your own research on this diet, and even consult your physician to see if it’s right for you. One of the biggest challenges people face when they go keto is food preparation. If you want to set yourself up to succeed, you’ll need to be consistent.“Cheating” will throw you out of your ketosis state, and then you’ll just be eating a lot of fat without the benefits!

We’re proud to prep and deliver healthy keto friendly meals to help keep you on track. Our meals are prepared with fresh produce weekly, ready to eat, and with mostly organic locally sourced ingredients. That means we do all the meal prepping. The chefs on our team take pride in creating delicious, balanced meals to suit any diet. Wondering if a meal delivery service is right for you and your family? Learn more about how it all works here.

Ready to give our Keto Meal Delivery service a try?

If you’d like to discuss your specific meal needs and diet with us, we’d be happy to set up a one-on-one consultation. Contact us today! or fill out the form below:

* It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before starting a specific diet.  It’s especially important if you have any chronic health condition.