Job Openings

Want to work for a growing meal delivery service? Now is your chance to join our team preparing and or delivering delicious and healthy meals to people in Milwaukee! Find an open position below and then fill out the form to get started!

Looking to Join a Focused Team?

The Focused Fork knows our clients, and now it’s time to get to know us! There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to creating unique, delicious meals.

And, if what you read inspires you to join our team, let’s talk about job opportunities (or, turn you into a loyal fan and deliver meals right to your refrigerator!).

What Inspires Us?


While preparing custom meals for dozens of people each week can be a serious feat, our team knows how to set the tone in the kitchen. We might play a little dance, funk, or jazz music to keep it energetic or tune into Radio Milwaukee or podcasts like Milk Street and MKE Local Food Crush for some inspiration.

We pay attention to every detail in an upbeat, supportive environment.


We love exploring new recipes and finding ways to impress and connect with our clients. For starters, Owner and Chef Karen Gill has traveled the world in search of all the best flavors  – this is just one of the ways she is able to express her love for good food and why she ultimately started The Focused Fork. She wants everyone to share in her passion!

Our awesome meal delivery drivers also take time to explore how our clients prefer to be cared for. Do they want meals delivered while they’re busy at work? We’re trustworthy to place meals wherever they’d like. Do they want to chat and review the week’s menu together? We love conversation.

Whatever their heart’s desire, we figure it out.

Love of Cooking.

Feedback is important to us. It fuels us to create food that people love eating, like our famous egg bakes, sautéed apples, savory vegetable muffins, chocolate avocado pudding and beyond. Many times, we’re introducing flavors they would never explore before (and they don’t even know how healthy these entrées and snacks can be!).


Here at The Focused Fork, we’re not just surrounding ourselves with happy, smart people who share in our enjoyment for food – we’re in it to win over the hearts of our community, too. For example, we care about what people put into their bodies! Why? We want you around long-term, which is why we try and cook organic, locally-sourced foods, and support small business owners.

We hear it from our clients all the time: meal delivery services help to hold them accountable to their health goals and is a convenience that opens opportunities to put their energy elsewhere.

Do You Share Our Values?

If you care about all the above, if you think you’d fit into a culture like ours, come join our team. Check out our job opportunities below…

Prep Cook

Unique PREP COOK position with a growing local, meal delivery service. We prepare custom, diet specific meals for clients in SE WI and deliver to their home or office. Come work a fun job and help our clients live their best life!

Ideal candidate will have 6 months commercial cooking experience. Applicant needs to be comfortable cooking all types of food from meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Duties will include:

Preparing food. Chopping, cooking.

Reading recipes or comfort cooking some foods without recipes. 

Packaging food and preparing meals for delivery.

Hand washing dishes. 

Typical work days are Sunday (half day), Monday and Tuesday. All daytime hours, about 18-20 hours a week. As business grows, so too will hours, compensation and benefits. $13.50/hour.