High Protein Meal Delivery

High protein diets are often sought after by athletes or those interested in weight lifting or even weight loss. We can formulate custom and healthy meals with extra protein delivered to your door that are delicious and packed with nutrients designed to build muscle and performance.  You’ll love our eco-friendly high protein meal plan options that use only natural ingredients!

Squash and Rice Vegan Meal Delivery

Protein Is More than Just Meat!

Lean meat, like chicken, turkey, and fish is always going to be a staple for high protein diets, but did you know many vegetables contain a good source of protein, Broccoli has 4.3g per stalk!, The Focused Fork will also add delicious supplementary plant-based proteins to your meals, including beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.  

Benefits to Eating High Protein

Eating high protein does not mean you ignore a healthy balanced diet. It’s still very important to eat high quality carbohydrates, veggies and fruits.  According to the Mayo Clinic, “If you want to follow a high-protein diet, choose your protein wisely. Good choices include soy protein, beans, nuts, fish, skinless poultry, lean beef, pork and low-fat dairy products. Avoid processed meats.”

According to healthline.com developing a high protein meal plan can also:

  • Reduce Appetite and Hunger Levels
  • Increase Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Maintain Bone Mass
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • Help You Lose Weight
  • Help Your Body Repair Itself After Injury
  • Help You Keep Fit as You Get Older

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* It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before starting a specific diet.  It’s especially important if you have any chronic health condition.