“Poor diet is the leading cause of mortality in the United States, causing more than a half million deaths a year.”

Dr. Daruish Mozaffarian, Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science

That’s a stunning statement. Can food really have such a drastic effect on health? More and more studies say yes. The good news is that heart disease, obesity, inflammation, and diabetes can be avoided with the armor of a healthy diet. And from what our clients tell us, making a positive change is possible.

Let’s face it- changing how you eat can be hard! Who hasn’t started a new diet, only to slowly (or quickly) drift back to old eating habits? At Focused Fork, we help clients stay on track by removing the stress of shopping and cooking. It’s easier to stick to a healthy eating plan when the food is delicious, which is why our clients fill out a detailed assessment before our service begins. We create a menu that fuels them with meals tailored to their tastes.

“Having the meals available and portion controlled has relieved my anxiety 1000%.  I feel satisfied and not stuffed like usual when I eat too much processed food.”


We’ve seen all the popular diets, from Whole30, Paleo and Atkins to Keto, which is the most popular today. For clients who prefer low carbs, we cook meals with no refined carbs and plenty of plants, proteins and healthy fats. These meals contain whole foods and are easy for our bodies to digest and turn into fuel. Clients report feeling better, which makes it that much easier to stick to their chosen plan.

“Your meals allow me to eat healthier with much greater variety. It’s really lovely to come home & be able to eat within minutes. I makes me feel like a normal person who has an easy relationship with all food. “


Sometimes the need to change is more urgent. After a heart disease scare, one of our clients asked Focused Fork to help him switch to eating plant-based, low-sodium meals. After a month of following his new diet, he had more energy and had reduced the strain on his heart. Everything we cook is low-sodium, which is especially important for our clients with heart issues. Our meals can be just what the doctor ordered.

At Focused Fork, we want everyone to have access to the food they need to live their best lives. In our own small way, we hope to make a dent in the health epidemic by providing healthy, nutrient-dense meals.