Dairy Free Meal Delivery

Many people choose a dairy free diet for a variety of reasons; health, intolerance, animal welfare, and the environment are just a few at the top of the list.  Clare Wall, head of nutrition and dietetics at the University of Auckland says “About 65 per cent of the world’s population have an inability to digest lactose.” If you know you want to go dairy free or are open to exploring it, we have the experienced chefs needed to make incredible dairy free meals. These days having dietary restrictions does not restrict you from flavor or enjoyment in meals.

Chicken Dairy Free Meal Delivery

Dairy Alternatives

It’s never been more easy to ditch dairy. Almost any dairy product such as milk, ice cream, cheese, and butter can be made with an alternative ingredient. For many years it was mostly soy, but now there is almond, hemp, cashew, coconut, rice and flax. Some products you’d never know the difference or the product is actually improved in texture and taste with an alternative.

Benefits to Eating Dairy Free

The benefits of going dairy free to someone with a lactose allergy or sensitively are obvious, but even those without those conditions can benefit.  Allure Magazine says “Those who can’t tolerate lactose or don’t want to consume animal products can easily do without dairy. If you don’t have a diagnosable problem but find that you feel better without the stuff, you’re safe disavowing dairy, too.”

According to godairyfree.org creating a dairy free meal plan can also:

  • Clear Skin
  • Healthy Digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Stronger Bones
  • Reduced Exposure to Antibiotics and Hormones
  • Improve the Environment
  • Reduced Chance of Some Cancers
  • Reduced Inflammation

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