7 Great Places to Find Local Food in Wisconsin

What makes our team of Private Chefs so passionate about sourcing local food?

Our customers’ health and well-being. Sourcing local food means we’re using products that are rich in nutrients, and this helps our clients put their best foot forward every day. We also care about building our community, which is why we try to find fresh, seasonal products at varied farmer’s markets, co-ops, and family farms from all over the state of Wisconsin.

Take a few moments to meet the farmers working hard to produce natural, delicious foods. Also, learn why we’re committed to being part of the local food ecosystem, and how these foods can help you live your best life.

Strong Roots in the Food Industry

is eating local food important?

Meet Our Farmers

Our roots in the food industry are strong, and we don’t waver in our commitment to provide quality, organic, non-gmo foods from local farmers and producers. Fresh food also tastes so much better (and our clients can tell the difference!). Let us introduce you to a few of our favorite local food vendors:

1. Barthel Fruit Farm

Located in Mequon, Wisconsin, this family farm has been producing apples, herbs, pears, strawberries, sugar snap peas, pumpkins, and plums, for more than 175 years. They do a great job and we love supporting their business.

2. BrynTeg Farm

Farmer Caryl and Farmer Gary make an extraordinary team! They work together to produce premium food in a sustainable farming environment. Their farm (aka “beautiful-hill”) is on the outskirts of Oconomowoc in Ashippun, Wisconsin.

3. Enderis Park Farmer’s Market

Enderis Park is a great open-air market. They’re one of many parks in Milwaukee county bringing locally-grown produce to neighborhoods. This market is open every Sunday, 9:30am – 1pm, June through September (come check it out!).

4. Great River Organic Mill Flour

When we’re looking for organic non-gmo grains and flours, we turn to our friends along the Mississippi in Arcadia, Wisconsin. Their grains are milled on granite stones to maintain the nutrition of the whole grain, which helps to make it the best quality product.

5. Outpost Natural Foods

Outpost is a leader in our community when it comes to local sourcing. We always find fresh products and friendly service at each of their locations across southeastern Wisconsin. They also believe it’s earth day every day!

6. Sauve Terre Farm

We get a portion of our meat from this small, family farm in West Bend, Wisconsin. These farmers work hard to ensure their organic, 100% grass-fed beef is safe for families and our planet. Their products always taste so good.

7. Tipi Produce

Named “Organic Farmers of the Year” in 2016, Tipi Produce grows some of the most delicious, seasonal fruits and vegetables around.

Local Sourcing Fuels Our Bodies, and Our Community

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Eating locally grown food isn’t just good for our mental and physical well-being – it’s also good for our community, our family farms, and our environment. We’re proud members of Local First Milwaukee, a non-profit membership organization, who recognizes the numerous benefits to local sourcing (click here to learn more).

“Local sourcing is extremely important, especially as it pertains to the food service industry. A product sourced from your local butcher or farmer’s market not only tastes better, but it helps to support the local economy as well. This pairs with the larger, global food trend of mindfulness. Meaning, a growing number of consumers want to know – and understand – the ingredients in their food.”

– Dan Nowak, President of Local First Milwaukee and Owner of Tall Guy and a Grill

*Curious about our packaging? Each meal is delivered in a eco-friendly, biodegradable, disposable container (many of which are also appropriate for heating in the microwave!).

We’d Love to Help You Live Your Best Life

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What we put into our bodies matters, and, if you’re like many of our clients who are constantly on-the-go, it’s tough to be mindful of what you’re consuming. This is where our meal delivery services have been truly helpful to those who simply don’t have the time and energy to be smarter about their food choices.

“The Focused Fork has made our eating healthier, easier, and we’ve saved so much time not having to grocery shop or figure out where we’re going for dinner – the decisions are already made for us.” – Happy Client

Ready to give our meal delivery service a try?

Great! Let’s set up a one-on-one consultation. We’ll discuss your flavor preferences and customize healthy meals that match your specific diet – check it out!

Until then, thank you for taking the time to understand the value of sourcing local food. We encourage you to check out a few farmer’s markets or family farms this summer – learn more about where your food comes from and how you can contribute to a healthier you and a healthier community.