5 Reasons Meal Delivery Services Are Cost Effective

How Much Time Per Week Do You Spend at the Grocery Store?

Shopping Cart - Cost of Time Shopping

For this example let’s say you’re cooking for two. It may take you 30 minutes just to plan a single meal. Then 1.5 hours traveling and shopping for ingredients and possibly new cookware. That time could easily extend over 2 hours!

How Much Time Per Week Do You Spend Cooking?

Chef - Time Spent Cooking

Let’s assume you’re preparing four recipes and you’ll make enough for leftovers for lunch. On average recipes take 45min to prep and cook. That is easily another 3 hours of your time.

How Much Time Per Week Do You Spend Cleaning?

Dishes - Time Spent Cleaning

Now you’ve prepared you recipes, but you aren’t done. You need to package the leftovers, clean the kitchen and cookware. That can often take 2 hours by itself!

What's the value of an hour?

Time Spent Cooking

You get paid for your time at work., let’s calculate what it’s worth. For someone making approximately $80K, the hourly rate is about $42. Now let’s see if the work is worth the price.

Is Meal Delivery Worth the Investment?

Money Spent Cooking

That’s at least 7 hours per week spent on meals. Let’s multiple that by $42 per hour and add a few bucks for grocery, take out and restaurant costs. That can total over $1500 a month in meal prep. Image what you can do with the money and hours back!