Personalized Meals, crafted just for you.

Experience our custom difference.

Organic. Local. Personal.

Focused Fork meals help our clients live their best life

We nourish an educator on her 100lb weight loss journey.

We keep a marriage together, as there is no more fight over “Who’s cooking dinner?”

We assist cardiac patients to recover more quickly by creating no salt meals.

We help a Crohn’s client keep on top of changing food needs through personalization

What do you want to Focus on? Let our personalized meal plans help you create your best life.

Learn how meal delivery can be cost effective.

The Custom Difference

Total customization of your meals to make sure you are eating exactly what you want.

As much or as little personal contact as needed to ensure great service and delicious food.

Simple once a month payment and ordering, rather than weekly deadlines.

Flexible delivery to your home refrigerator or office, once a week,  Monday through Friday. 

Happy Customers

This was tailor made for busy people like me who love to eat but hate to cook. I get home starving and can eat delicious & healthy food literally within minutes of arrival. No planning, shopping, food prep, cleanup! Just heat & eat. It doesn’t matter what dietary type you prefer, Gluten Free, Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian or Vegan. They do it all!” – Ruth (5)

I write this review while munching on a bacon cheddar corn cake provided by the Focused Fork team. We have been utilizing them for the past 3 months. They helped us get through a kitchen remodel and the food was so good that we signed on for an extra month. One of my favorite things about the food is that it’s a great balance of healthy and tasty food. This service has definitely made me appreciate a wider variety of veggies too.” – Anna (5)

Hey greater Milwaukee! 5 stars for the Focused Fork for going the extra mile(s) to help me get wonderfully delicious and nutritious food, prepared with love, to my mom who just had surgery last week. I live across the pond and needed her to have the very best! Karen and her team to the rescue! So thankful to this new biz doing fabulous work! Hire them, we need more businesses that are full of integrity and great caring hearts.” – Jessica (5)

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